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About Hacansson Shopfitting

With a background and craftsman training in Sweden in 1975, Jan Hacansson founded Hacansson Shopfitting in 1986 with a goal of creating the highest quality retail, cafe, restaurant and commercial shop fitting and fit out services.. 

We have over 100 years of combined trade experience in our team that works from our Thomastown factory. We have an outstanding track record in retail fit outs and shop fitting, especially  with shopping centre tenancies, in either food related or retail situations. Having a skilled team of permanent employees, as opposed to contractors only, enables us to provide a back up and maintenance service to our clients. 

We believe that a fit out, when properly constructed should last at least one full lease term ( 5-6 years). With minimum repair and with minor refurbishment it should last a further lease term. In order for this to be achievable, it is important that correct materials and installation methods are adhered to. Short cuts during initial fit out often prove very costly in the long term with early renovation required and down time in trading. 

Hacansson Shopfitters have over the years developed and adapted a standard of how to provide the appropriate fit out based on the intended use. As an example, materials and construction methods and design suitable for a retail shop is completely different to what is suitable for a restaurant or a butcher shop. We work for you`to get it right.

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